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Australia's NBN Network has 2 million users and 1 problem

What's in a name?


The political football that is the NBN, the plan to connect all Australians to high-speed internet, has a problem. It's being referred to in official press releases as "the nbn network". Like the ATM machine and PIN number before it, the NBN network has fallen victim to RAS Syndrome.

After undergoing a third expensive rebrand in 2015, NBN Co became nbn. This is to say nothing of the GenNBN campaign or the Sky Muster satellite (the Boaty McBoatface of Australian telecommunications infrastructure). It feels like even the NBN isn't quite sure what to call itself.

Those press releases had other information too, if you got past the NBN network. There are now 2 million Aussies connected to the NBN, and those Australians use 23 percent more data per year than those without the National Broadband Network.

The latest internet activity report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics said that Australian households were downloading 117GB per month, a 41 percent year-on-year increase. NBN-connected homes are downloading around 144GB of data each month, said the NBN, which is a 32 percent increase from 2015.

So yes, data-hungry Australians are taking advantage of those high speeds. Probably streaming content to their LCD displays.