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Australians nearly twice as likely to buy PS4 over Xbox One: report

Recent research from Roy Morgan shows that significantly more Aussies are intending to buy a PS4 than its competitor.

A recent Roy Morgan survey has shown that nearly twice as many Australians are intending to buy Sony's PlayStation 4 console than Microsoft's Xbox One.

(Credit: Sony)

The research found that 600,000 Australians (aged 14 and over) are intending to purchase a PS4 within the next twelve months compared to 325,000 for the Xbox One.

The survey also revealed that 8 per cent of current console owners are planning on buying the PS4 compared to 4 per cent for the new Xbox.

Finally, the Roy Morgan data saw a higher propensity for brand loyalty on Sony's consoles: 17 per cent of PS3 users intend to buy the new version within the next 12 months; only 9 per cent of Xbox 360 owners plan to buy the Xbox One.

Microsoft's Xbox One lands on 22 November, with the PlayStation 4 coming a week later on 29 November. Locally, the prices are pretty identical: you'll pay AU$599 for the Xbox One and AU$549 for the PS4.