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Australian telco Telstra demonstrates world record 450Mbps speeds on LTE-A network

Telstra is claiming a world first on recent trials of its LTE-A network, with a live test combining three data channels to achieve speeds of 450Mbps, three times the current theoretical 4G peak speeds available in Australia.

Nic Healey/CNET

Australian telecommunications company Telstra has shown data speeds of 450Mbps during testing of its LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation (LTE-A) network this morning.

The speeds were achieved via two 4G-FDD channels of 20MHz each operating on the 2600MHz spectrum, combined with Telstra's existing 20MHz channel on the 1800MHz spectrum. A prototype Category 9 engineering device was then used to combine the three data channels and achieve the speeds.

According to Telstra, this is the first time in the world those speeds have been achieved by aggregating three data channels on an LTE-A network.

The most recent Akamai State of the Internet report stated that the current average peak speed for mobile data in Australia is 135.6Mbps. Most current Australian 4G networks have a theoretical peak speed of 150Mbps.

In Australia, the 2600MHz spectrum is still used by some television broadcasters. Last year the Australia Communications and Media Authority held a 'digital dividend' auction of the spectrum with Telstra, along with Optus and TPG Internet, all securing allotments which will come into effect later this year. Today's test was conducted using a scientific licence for testing that Telstra obtained with permission from the TV networks still operating on 2600MHz.

Obviously peak speeds during controlled testing don't reflect the speeds consumers can expect to see. Telstra also noted that its expected deployment of the new network will actually be different to today's test. It will instead use a 'block' each of the 1800MHz, 700MHz and 2600MHz.

In media statement, Mike Wright, group managing director at Telstra Networks said:

"Telstra has the largest holding of APT700MHz and 2600MHz spectrum in Australia and we expect we will eventually be able to offer this service across much if not most of our mobile network footprint, allowing more of our customers to benefit from improved capacity and faster speeds."