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Australia and US testing 'superjet' tech that could fly us from Sydney to London in two hours

A test in Woomera, South Australia, sees a rocket hit Mach 7.5 speeds -- that's 9,200kph or 5,715mph.

Dennis K. Johnson, Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Air travel moves us across the globe at remarkable speeds, but the Airbuses we travel on now could just be the beginning.

An Australia and US military research team on Wednesday tested hypersonic technology, which can offer air transport multiple times faster than the speed of sound, down in Woomera, South Australia, according to AFP.

The rocket they tested reached Mach 7.5 speeds of 9,200kph (5,715mph). This technology would allow passengers to travel from Sydney to London, currently a 20-plus hour trip, in around two hours.

"It is a game-changing technology," said Australia's cheif scientist Alex Zelinsky in a statement. "[It] could revolutionise global air travel."

10 tests will be run in total, with the first occurring back in 2009 and the final one scheduled for 2018.