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Aussies can now use PayPal in iTunes and the App Store

Apple users in the US have been able to buy apps with PayPal for years, and now 12 countries are getting the feature.


You want Minecraft on your phone, but don't want to use your credit card to pay for it? Apple and PayPal hear you. 

From today, Australians can use PayPal to purchase from Apple's digital stores -- iTunes, iBooks, Apple Music, the App Store, Apple TV -- on both iOS and desktops

To set it up, sign in to your PayPal account through your Apple ID settings and set "PayPal" as your preferred payment method. Your account will charge purchases to your PayPal account from then on.

The feature has long been available in the US' iTunes Store, but will finally reach the UK and more than 12 other countries by the end of next week.

PayPal has long touted itself as the safe way to pay online, and since 2005 has amassed over 6 million accounts in Australia. It's an option for those who are still antsy about using their credit card directly to pay for their premium Angry Birds memberships, or whatever it is people are spending their money on nowadays.