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Aussie siblings become first to nab iPhone 5

James and Tamsyn Vohradsky are the first to purchase the iPhone 5 as it launches in Sydney on Friday morning.

Proud iPhone 5 owners James and Tamsyn Vohradsky. ZDNet

The long-awaited Apple iPhone 5 has been launched in Australia, with a brother and sister duo becoming the first owners of the device in the world.

Because of its time zone, Australia was the first country to make the iPhone 5 available to consumers.

The queue outside the George Street Apple Store in Sydney began on Tuesday, and was mostly populated by those who were either paid to be there, or were advertising their various companies. By the morning of the launch today, the line had snaked its way around the block and then some.

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Here's a shot of the crowd at the Apple flagship store in Sydney, from our sister site CNET Australia:

Joe Hanlon/CNET