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Aussie games devs get the Greenlight from Steam

Black Annex, Zafehouse Diaries and others have been named in the new batch of Greenlit titles coming to Steam.

Steam Greenlight is a project that allows steam users to decide which games get released on the Steam service.

Zafehouse Diaries is one title that's been Greenlit. (Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET)

Greenlight allows for smaller indie developers to take advantage of the distribution network that Steam offers.

Kotaku spotted that in the most recent batch of games announced (100 titles), four Aussie developed games were Greenlit. These are Zafehouse Diaries, Black Annex, Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game and InFlux.

We'd seen a few of these titles at PAX Australia (and previously), so it's great to see them getting a wider distribution. In particular, the presentation we saw on Zafehouse diaries showed a complex and intriguing game about the zombie apocalypse, with a focus on managing the interpersonal relationships between your group of survivors.

Keep an eye out for these titles on Steam in the near future.