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Smart Home

August just made its smart lock and doorbell easier to use

August's app updates make it simpler to keep an eye on your front door.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Smart home manufacturer August already offers a solid roster of connected products and related automation and security features. Today, though, the company's introduced some helpful app updates. The new August software, available now, is supposed to make it even easier to use the Smart Lock, the Smart Keypad and the Doorbell Cam

August Smart Lock 

August's Smart Lock now offers auto-unlock contextual alerts. These notifications are supposed to let you know every time the auto-unlock feature is initiated. 

A related follow-up alert will let you know whenever you -- or someone else -- leaves the area via the notification, "You left your neighborhood."

Visit August's settings menu to enable these alerts.

August Smart Keypad

August Smart Lock customers can offer "digital keys" to friends, family and other folks who regularly visit their home. But what if you want your dog walker/neighbor/house cleaner to only have temporary access via August's Smart Keypad?

August has made it possible with customizable temporary, recurring or "always on" settings. Temporary access provides a one-time access code that expires after a designated time period; recurring access provides temporary, weekly access; and always-on works 24-7 -- or until the main user disables the entry code. 

August Doorbell Cam

Previously, you had to wait for the Doorbell Cam's live video feed to open before you could see who was at your front door. Now, August's Doorbell Cam offers an image preview function. This feature is supposed to allow Doorbell Cam customers to see who's at the door by pressing and holding the push alert -- an image of the person should automatically appear. 

In addition to the individual product updates, August has also updated its settings so you can change the name of your house and update the related photo from the same spot in the app. 

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