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Augmented reality is everywhere in this fascinating short film (Tomorrow Daily 370 show notes)

We get excited when we see things like HoloLens and Magic Leap...but this short film imagines the consequences of unchecked AR implementation.

Filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda's new short "Hyper-Reality" offers a grim look at a future where augmented reality has permeated just about every aspect of life (with not-so-great results). We thought it was thought-provoking.

We're also talking about the University of Bristol's GauntLev. It's a series of devices designed to pick up, levitate, and manipulate small objects. It's not quite a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver...but it's as close as we can get (for now).

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Short film depicts horrific future of augmented reality (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 370)

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