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Augmented-reality greeting cards really pop out at you

Gizmo the robot stars in a series of interactive AR greeting cards that bring a new sense of fun to an old format.

Gizmo greeting card in action
Share your love with a little red robot. Artiphany

Years ago, someone came up with the bright idea of building little pop-ups into greeting cards so, when you open them, a little paper birthday cake or present jumps out at you. That concept is not too far off from what greeting card company Artiphany and augmented-reality tech company DAQRI are trying to do with the Gizmo Kickstarter project.

Gizmo greeting cards all sport a red robot on the front. Download the DAQRI app, point your phone or tablet at the front of the card, and watch an interactive animation come to life. The cards can be customized with stickers for sharing birthday, winter holiday, and Valentine sentiments.

A different set of animations is triggered by each sticker. The winter holiday sticker has the robot snowboarding. The birthday sticker causes the robot to show off a special cake. The love sticker involves the robot opening up a box of nuts and bolts and presenting it like a box of chocolates.

A $25 pledge gets you five greeting cards and a set of stickers to go with them. That's not too different from the price of a nice regular greeting card. The designs and programming have already been completed. The Kickstarter is about raising the funding to print the cards.

The Gizmo animations are cute and the concept is fun. It's definitely several major steps up from those cheesy e-cards with 2D animations and obnoxious music.

Gizmo robot
This 3D-printed Gizmo is a $150 reward. Artiphany