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Audyssey shaves speaker prices for Cyber Monday

Audyssey is running a Cyber Monday promotion for its Lower East Side Media speakers and South of Market Audio Dock.

Audyssey's Lower East Side media speakers are on sale for $149.99 for Cyber Monday. Audyssey

If you're interested in a new pair of media speakers, Audyssey's running a Cyber Monday $149 special on its Apple TV-friendly Lower East Side Media Speakers that trims $50 off the $199 street price (list price is $249).

In myreview, I said, "The Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers have an attractive, compact design, and offer good sound with lots of bass. They're also one of the few powered stereo speakers to have an optical digital connection (for Apple TV or the PS3, for instance) in addition to an analog input."

The company's also got a deal on its South of Market Audio Dock ($399 list), which we reviewed favorably last year, and brings the price down to a more reasonable $249.

Audyssey has codes on its site for the discounts but it's also given us a couple of CNET-specific codes: CYBER100CNET ($100 off Lower East Side Media Speakers) and CYBER150CNET ($150 off the South of Market Audio Dock). Cut and paste at