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Audiovox car PC

Audiovox car PC

Most car computers made so far involve bolting Mini-ITX boxes into the trunk, but Audiovox is selling a computer that fits right in the dash. The AVDINPC is a single-DIN form factor (meaning it can replace a car stereo in the dashboard) that Audiovox had on display at SEMA. It uses a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. Although it comes loaded with Windows XP, it has a quick-play function so that you can play CDs or DVDs without booting up the system. Although the front of the unit has a car stereo look, it requires a separate touch-screen display and keyboard to control the operating system. The power supply is also a separate unit that needs to be mounted somewhere else in the car. Probably the biggest drawback to the AVDINPC is the lack of a customized interface to easily access mobile applications, such as navigation and cameras, all of which could be added on. That said, it is a good, simple starting point for a car computer build. The unit sells for $1,699.