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Audiovox and Philips get into the GPS game

Audiovox and Philips get into the GPS game

Audiovox is probably best known for its car stereos, but now the company's expanding its line of consumer electronics to include portable navigation systems. The first model to ship will be the Audiovox NVX216, which features a 2.2-inch touch screen, 1GB of flash memory, and full U.S. mapping. The NVX216 has MP3/PMP functionality and a built-in FM modulator, and it will sell for $599. In addition, the company introduced two other models: the NVX226 and the NVX406. The NVX226 ($599) boasts a larger 3.5-inch touch screen and turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, but it doesn't have the multimedia features of the NVX216. The NVX406 ($799) is the flagship model, and it includes a 4GB hard drive and basic MP3/PMP and PDA functions. It also is XM ready. Audiovox has not announced specific release dates but said the units should start shipping sometime in August.

Royal Philips Electronics also said today they will soon begin making in-car navigation systems to compete directly with TomTom. Philips will launch with three devices sometime between September and October; pricing will start at $500. For more information, check out CNET's article here.