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The Audiophiliac's round up of the top 10 best desktop, hi-fi and sound bar speakers

The Audiophiliac picks a fine selection of awesome speakers and one killer subwoofer.


I cover a lot of high-end, audiophile-oriented gear in this blog, but I also love finding great-sounding cheap stuff. Sure, the brands may be unfamiliar, but each speaker is a stand-out winner. Since this list covers great-sounding speakers, it doesn't have any Bluetooth or other types of wireless speakers; speakers with wires, dollar for dollar, always sound better. So I cannot in good conscience recommend a Bluetooth or any type of wireless speaker.

You want cheap? We're covered with the MonoPrice 8250 -- in the US it sells for less than $32, plus shipping. They sound remarkable for the money.

Check out the Gallery to view all of my picks.