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Audiophiles, rejoice! New high-end dock retrieves digital audio signals from iPods!

Wadia Digital Debuts The iTransport to deliver full resolution digital from iPods.

Just received a preview from next week's CES show in Las Vegas--Wadia Digital, a high-end audio company will be demonstrating the first digital player dock to retrieve a direct digital signal from iPods. As a result, the iTransport will provide CD-quality resolution from full-resolution file formats such as .WAV and AppleLossless.

The iTransport (SRP: $349) will turn any currently available iPod player into a high-end media server by providing a bit-perfect digital audio output to an audio/video system. The really cool thing about the device is that it can bypass the player's internal D/A conversion and output stage. The iTransport is compatible with all currently available (Q1 2008) iPod players, as well as iPhone and iPod Touch models.

The iTransport can also access video content stored on currently available iPods, and the video signal will be available over high performance component outputs that provide up to DVD-quality video. The iTransport measures 2x8x8 inches (H/W/D), making it an easy addition to most racks and entertainment centers. Connectivity runs to S/PDIF digital audio output and high-resolution component digital video output, as well as analog audio and video outputs. Wadia Digital's iTransport will be available in February 2008 at select high-end audio specialists and the Wadia Digital Web site.