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Audio: What Trent Reznor said to

Here is a recording of the rocker's comments about a music tax for Internet service providers taken from a January 9 interview with CNET

Rocker Trent Reznor is angry with CNET

On Monday afternoon, the leader of the band Nine Inch Nails posted a blog at and accused me of misquoting him in a question-and-answer interview titled: "Trent Reznor: Why won't people pay $5." He suggests in his post that he did not make statements supporting a music tax on ISPs that appeared in the January 10 article. He also implies that CNET had some kind of hidden agenda when he writes in his post that the story was "written before I was involved."

It's not uncommon for celebrities and politicians to accuse the press of misquoting them. Sometimes it's true. Not here.

Below is the recording of Reznor's comments in question.

Reznor gave me permission to tape the interview and the words in the story are as he said them. I've also included what was said immediately prior and following the comments about the ISP tax so you can hear the context in which he made them.

You'll notice that I didn't quote everything he said; that's common practice. (We spoke for an hour and the final transcription of the interview was more than 4,000 words long. Normally our stories are between 1,000 and 1,200 words. We wanted to give him as much room as possible to speak and made an exception by publishing his interview at more than 1,800 words, already longer than usual.)

Reznor is a fascinating interview. He is frank and always says something controversial. He certainly was in our interview. Click the button below and listen for yourself.

Listen: | Download MP3