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Audio slideshow: Garage finds business ripe for hybrids

Luscious Garage in San Francisco caters to hybrid drivers and offers conversions to plug-in hybrids.

Luscious Garage mechanic
At Luscious Garage in San Francisco, mechanics including Michou Olivera tend to hybrid electric cars. (Click on image for a full photo gallery.) James Martin/CNET News

With the growing popularity of hybrid gas-electric cars like the Toyota Prius, garages are cropping up to serve eco-conscious drivers by specializing in hybrid car maintenance and repairs.

CNET reporters took a closer look this week at one such auto shop. The solar-powered, woman-owned Luscious Garage in San Francisco caters to hybrid owners. Its mechanics aim to be inviting as well as eco-friendly. Since opening last fall, the shop has attracted more than 100 customers. Soon, it will expand with a space for converting hybrids to plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes footage from Luscious Garage in this audio slideshow from CNET News photographer James Martin. Speaking is mechanic Michou Olivera.

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For more on Luscious' business and ethos, CNET's Kara Tsuboi has this video report. And this photo gallery describes more details about the company's plans for expansion.