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Audio photo frame is distinctly analog

Why bother?

Discovery Communications

If there's one aspect of parenting that didn't change with the new millennium (and probably never will), it's the natural right to brag on one's children. But as any insufferable parent knows, most portable digital viewers are either too clunky or too small (horrors) to get a decent look at the rugrats.

So we thought Discovery had found the missing link with its "Mini Recording Frame Set," which had a full display (the device measure 4.75 by 2.25 inches and only a quarter-inch thick) while weighing only an ounce. It also joins the trend of recordable audio so you can add cheesy tunes or Jack Handey-type sentiments.

The only problem? This "exclusive" item apparently isn't digital. Instead, it's just a carrier for wallet-sized prints with audio. We have no idea why anyone would want a device that records sound but not images, but--if we're reading the description correctly--the joke's on us.