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Audio Idol, where the sound is the thing

The Audiophillie Music Awards For Excellence In Recorded Sound is a contest, but it's not 'American Idol.' It's not a search for the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood; this one's all about the sound.

Got a great guitar? We want to hear it wail! Steve Guttenberg

"American Idol" it's not, so instead of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, Mary J. Blige, or Neil Patrick Harris, The Audiophiliac is the sole judge for The Audiophillie Music Awards For Excellence In Recorded Sound contest.

I keep hearing that every kid with a guitar or a mic can make a great recording. Bands record their own tunes all the time. Well, here's a chance to get your music heard and a buzz going on the Audiophiliac. Oh, and six winners will each receive a set of Monster Turbine Pro Gold ($299) or Pro Copper ($399) in-ear headphones. I'll review the music on this blog, and I'll play the winning tunes on The 404.

Maybe you have a friend who plays a mean sax or a harp like an angel; record them, and send the music to The Audiophillie Music Awards contest. You don't need a lot of expensive gear to make a credible Audiophillie entry, just skill and knowledge of what good sound sounds like.

Music categories range from rock, blues, folk, soul, jazz, acoustic, and world music. There will be a total of six winners.

Deadline for Audiophillie entries (CDs only, with a maximum of three songs), is April 12.

To enter this contest you need to download, print, and complete the contest entry form.