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Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones offer a trifecta of features, comfort, and sound

The Phonak Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones are an excellent choice for anyone looking for clear and balanced audio, a secure and comfortable fit, and a useful array of extras. All in all, they're a great value for the money.

Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

It's not unusual for a product manager to embellish certain aspects of the gadgets he or she is representing, which is why reviewers are quick to learn to take everything with a grain of salt. When the hyperbole extends to the actual name of the product, expectations tend to increase, at least incrementally.

Such is the case with Phonak's Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones, a uniquely designed set of earbuds with an impressive array of features and a fair price ($139 for the standard MP3 player version; $159 for the music-phone model with the built-in mic). We can't be certain they'll actually fit everyone perfectly, but we can say with confidence that our reviewers found them to be exceptionally secure and reasonably comfortable. Even better, they offer great bang for your buck in terms of features and sound quality.

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