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Auction for three Steve Jobs business cards reaches $2,405, so far

A family that did catering for Jobs donates the cards for The Marin School's annual fundraiser.

The Marin School

Private-school fundraiser auctions typically include signed sports memorabilia, ballroom dancing lessons and cruise tickets. But tucked amid those usual offerings, The Marin School is auctioning off three small pieces of tech history.

The high school in San Rafael, Calif., is selling three of Steve Jobs' business cards, from his times as president of NeXT and chairman of Apple and of Pixar. A family attending the school that did catering for Jobs donated the cards, a school spokeswoman told Business Insider.

The first bid was $750 on Thursday night. By Friday morning, 21 offers had come in, pushing bidding up to $2,405.

The auction, with proceeds benefiting the school, will remain open for the next six days.