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Attention, readers: Send us your DIY goodness!

Crave is launching a new feature showcasing the best do-it-yourself creations readers are putting together on the fly. So, what are you working on in your top-secret lab?

DIY creations
Just a few of our favorite DIY projects, from left: a $3,000 Lambo; a snow chopper made from spare parts, and a kid's $12.40 iPad stand (click to enlarge). From left: Gamma Squad; David Carnoy; National Science Foundation/Peter Rejcek

Here at Crave, we're giant fans of do-it-yourself projects, and we feature them a lot on these pages because we love the smell of solder and the look of grease stains (even if some of our significant others don't). We've seen some pretty awesome stuff made by regular people to fill needs other products don't--or just because making one's own wacky contraptions is plain fun (robot flower girl, we're talking about you).

We've covered DIY creations including a homemade Lamborghini, automated knock-detecting door lock, snow chopper made from junk, mind-controlled spybot, biometric bridal bouquet, and, of course, homemade iPad and iPhone stands, but we know there are countless others out there we haven't found, maybe even some by you, our creative readers.

biometric bridal bouquet
A geeky biometric bridal bouquet. GeekPhysical

So we'd like to invite you to share your DIY projects with us. Hacked your Prius for Wi-Fi? Rigged a Roomba to walk your dog? Motorized your shower curtain? Changed your ceiling fan into a helicopter for your baby? Made a suit of powered armor that you use to fight evildoers the world over? We want the details on your mad genius, readers.

We'll share the best homemade goodness here for your fellow geeks to ponder as part of a new, semi-regular feature called "DIY Weekend." Who knows? Maybe you'll get funding and wind up the next Edison. If not, you'll at least get your goings-on featured on Crave.

To share your DIY project, simply e-mail a description of 350 words or less, including all the glorious geeky ins and outs of your invention, plus relevant links and photos, to crave at cnet dot com. Please put DIY Weekend in the subject line. And remember, safety first! Goggles, hazmat suits, and 911 on speed-dial are your friends.