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Attention, ladies: Manhunter bra is ridiculous

The concept bra design has a built-in digital timer indicating how much time left before the wearer must get married. Will it shame you into a sham marriage?

Triumph International

I just got back from a trip to California, where I got to be with almost my entire extended family. I'm 33 years old and single, so the whole time I had relatives telling me to hurry up and get married. The pressure was horrible. But now that I've seen, courtesy of talk2myShirt, this "husband hunting" bra concept from Japan, I'm a little relieved.

The bra, by Triumph International, has a built-in digital timer indicating how much time's left before the woman wearing it must get married. If she's not married by the time it reaches zero, she's a "leftover," which is perhaps Japan's version of an old maid. Either way, the social stigma must be daunting.

But there's a solution: an engagement ring fits neatly into a compartment above the timer. Only then can the countdown be stopped, thus giving the useless ring a function beyond labeling someone as "taken."

If they make a man version, perhaps boxer briefs, I will not be getting it. I don't need to be reminded every time I drop trou that I'm still single. Thanks, world.

As a side note: why do Ikeep getting assigned stories about gadgetized underwear?