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Attention, holiday procrastinators: Only three weeks left

CNET's holiday gift guide has the perfect tech picks for the geeks on your list.

Some may be thankful there are only three weeks left in the holiday shopping season, but many of you are panicking because there are only three weeks left. For you anxious-ridden procrastinators, we're here to help.

CNET holiday gift guide
Holiday gift guide CNET Networks

CNET's holiday gift guide is packed with great tech gift ideas, and we're updating it as choice new items hit the shelves. If you just need a little something, check out our stocking stuffers and the tech gifts under $100.

If you're still seeking something perfect for that ubergeek on your list, we've got high-end tech sure to please those hard-to-shop-for folks. Or check out our editors' top picks for every gadget: For the media junkie, check out HDTVs or PVPs and MP3 players. We've got gaming gear and home theater for those tied to the glowing box. Or check out our green gift guide for your ecofriendly friends and family. Aside from that pile of present possibilities, there's lots more to tickle your fancy, including GPS and car tech or desktops and laptops. And if you know your budget but not what you want, we've broken everything down by price as well, so you can see what's best for your buck.