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AT&T Fiber adds eight more metro areas

The telecommunications giant says it's expanding its "100 percent fiber" internet network.

AT&T's Carlos Orozco installs fiber-optic lines in San Carlos, California.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

AT&T's superfast internet service is expanding to new metro areas in California, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Michigan.

The internet, wireless and TV provider said in a statement Thursday that it's planning to expand to eight new metro areas:

The company also said its fiber service has become available in Oakland, California. AT&T said it's now got fiber connections available in 21 states.

"While other providers have slowed deployment, we'll continue to expand access to our ultrafast internet to more customers, so they can more quickly connect to the things they love online," Eric Boyer, an AT&T senior vice president, said in the statement.

AT&T has been steadily pushing its fiber network while competitors like Google appear to have struggled. AT&T is also suing Google in Nashville and Louisville in an attempt to stall Google Fiber deployment.