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ATP shrinks Photo Finder geotagging device

Splits it into GPS receiver and dock combo for greater portability.

GPS Photo Finder Mini
GPS Photo Finder Mini ATP

Because these days pocket-size isn't small enough, ATP has redesigned its GPS Photo Finder into a key-chain-size receiver that you take shooting with you and a still-quite-small dock that sits at home and awaits a plug-in from the receiver and your flash-carded photos. Appropriately dubbed the GPS Photo Finder Mini, the system matches the history of location coordinates in the receiver with the timestamps on your photos to provide the geotags.

I like the idea of the new design, and the post-processed geotagging is usually a more performance-friendly solution than real-time tagging in the camera. However, I did run into signal issues in the notoriously GPS-unfriendly concrete canyons of NYC; it'll be interesting to see if the new design manages to improve that situation. The GPS Photo Finder Mini is available now for $149.99.