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AtomFilms currently does not support Safari: Fix coming

AtomFilms currently does not support Safari: Fix coming

Videos hosted by AtomFilms are no longer playable under the current version (2.0.4) of Safari. The advertisements at the beginning of each film still play correctly, but the actual film content does not.

MacFixit reader Warren Eig contacted the company's technical support department with disappointing results:

"Received this from AtomFilms tech support today as I could no longer watch my own film on their Web site. Apparently they no longer support Safari.

'We regret to inform you that Safari is not a supported browser for AtomFilms.  However, you can view AtomFilms content using Firefox 1.5 or later. [...] We currently have no plans to add Safari to our list of supported browsers.'

We're not sure what change in the playback mechanism was made by Atom Films, but it is one of the few video sites that does not offer playback in Safari. Even the videos on MSN's Sopabox beta play smoothly in the current edition of Safari.

UPDATE: We've now received word from Scott Roesch, Vice President and General Manager of AtomFilms, indicating that despite earlier assertions from tech support representatives, Safari support for video playback is on its way:

"I wanted to let you and your readers know that we are working on a fix that will enable Safari users to access AtomFilms. The customer support email that said 'we currently have no plans to add Safari...' was not quite correct. We've worked hard on the new version of AtomFilms (which launched Monday 12/4) to improve the user experience for Mac users so I invite you to check it out (in Firefox for the time being, with Safari coming soon)."


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