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Atom Ukelele for pickin' and grinnin' with chemistry

You're a scientist. You're also a musician. If only the twain could meet. Well, they just did, in the form of the Atom Ukelele.

Atom Ukelele
Explore the science of sound. Celentano Woodworks

The Atom Ukelele is a $700 custom-made Etsy offering with a maple body and neck. It's a four-string uke, but its most outstanding feature is the atomic age design of the body. Happy little red electrons sit in stasis around the nucleus of the sound hole.

Celentano Woodworks is the creator behind this sweet stringed beauty. It's part of a lineup of unusual ukes including instruments that look like a shark, a toy rocket, Pac-Man, and a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot.

Owning the Atom Ukelele would open up a lot of possibilities for stage banter. Start polishing your atom joke delivery. "A neutron walks into a bar and orders several drinks. As it's getting ready to leave, it asks the bartender, 'What do I owe?' The bartender leans over and says, 'For you, no charge!'"

Ukeleles have managed to earn themselves an important place in geek culture. Perhaps it's the combination of portability and flexibility of the instrument. They just lend themselves to being built to look like a Transformers head.

I know what you're thinking. The uke looks awesome, but how does it sound? Get the answer by checking out the video below.