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Athlete body-match app locates your Olympic doppelganger

No matter your body type, there's an Olympian to match you. Locate your body double and find your ideal sport with the BBC's online body-match app.

Olympic athlete body match
If you're 6'2" and 300 pounds, then the shot put is your thing. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

As I watch the Olympics, I imagine myself in the competition. I'm swimming for a medal, rocketing through the 100-meter dash, and rowing my heart out.

There are some problems with my flights of fancy. I don't have a swimmer's build, a runner's height, or a rower's stamina. To find my best Olympic sport match, I have to turn to the BBC's Olympic athlete body matcher.

Enter your height and weight and it will show you where you are on a plot of Olympic athletes and which Olympian you are closest to in size. The athletes range from a tiny gymnast to a hulking shot putter.

Here goes. I'm about to find out if I could compete in the vault, spike a volleyball, or wield a saber. The answer is... I most closely match a male Japanese equestrian.

I'm a little disappointed. I like horses, but I was hoping to match up with a gold medal diver or a Judoka.

Now I know which sport I'm cut out for, I have 4 years to get a horse, improve my riding skills, and make the 2016 Olympic team. Piece of cake, right?