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Ataribox will have AMD inside, run Linux, cost under $300

Atari reveals more details about its upcoming retro-gaming console and a few new photos. Spoiler alert: next year.


Atari says the wood-paneled version will use real wood.


Atari trickled out some more details in an email Tuesday about its much anticipated Ataribox, a modernized take on its popular Atari 2600, which turned the big four-O on Sept. 11. Atari plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign within the next month or so in anticipation of shipping in spring 2018, and expects prices to run between $249 and $299, depending upon configuration. ($299 converts to about £220 or AU$380.)

A modern take on the old classic.


The console will be driven by custom AMD Radeon graphics technology, though we don't know whether it's based on the currrent Zen architecture or an earlier generation. And it'll run Linux -- that means you'll be able to run any game compatible with those technologies and you'll be able to customize and run the system as you would a Linux PC.

And of course it will have a lot of the old Atari classics preloaded, as well as titles from other studios which have yet to be announced.

These join the revelations from July, in which the company divulged:

  • There will be two editions of the Ataribox: black and red, and wood
  • The console will have four USB ports, one HDMI port and one SD port
  • The front panel of the console will be either wood or glass

The company says it will offer up more info in the coming weeks.