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'Atari' console teased ahead of E3

We don't know anything yet beyond a bare-bones teaser video. / screenshot by David Katzmaier

Gamers of a certain age remember Pong with all the fondness of their first kiss. And maybe more.

Now Atari, the storied brand associated with that arcade classic and countless others, could have a new game console. A teaser video all of 21 seconds long appeared at yesterday. Music plays, the camera sweeps over plastic and wood grain, and the Atari logo lights up. 

The video's title? "First look: A brand new Atari product. Years in the making."

That's all we know. At this point it's unclear whether the product teased is an official Atari product, or some sort of unofficial third-party emulator like the Analogue NT Mini

Atari did not did not immediately return request for comment. If Atari (or a licensee) does announce anything official, next week's video games confab E3 is the perfect place. CNET will be there.

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Updated 11:50 a.m. PT with additional information.