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Atari has its own version of 'Wii Fit'

"Family Trainer" will use an interactive mat instead of a board.


The Wii Fit isn't even out yet, and already competition is gearing up. Atari just announced that it will launch its own exercise game, called Family Trainer.

The main difference in Atari's version--other than the lack of hype and branding power of its Nintendo rival--is that it uses an interactive mat rather than the Wii Fit's Balance Board. The move is somewhat awkward because the game apparently still requires use of the Wiimote, as Tech Digest notes, and Atari's Family Ski is designed to use the Wii board as well. The games, meanwhile, sound only mildly interesting from their description: "Over a dozen frantic single and multiplayer challenges to choose from all based on outdoor challenges amusingly interpreted for the world of Family Trainer, such as river rafting, mine carting, log jumping, rope skipping, and much more."

Maybe it's just an attempt by Atari to capitalize on the Wii Fit's publicity and get some action on its flagging stock price. In any case, Family Trainer isn't scheduled for release until September, so at least it can't be given as an offensive Mother's Day gift--then again, there's always the holidays.