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AT&T's superfast GigaPower service arrives in San Francisco

Starting today, the telecom company is promising speeds over 1 gigabit per second to tens of thousands of Bay Area internet customers.

For some AT&T customers, the GigaPower Network is now in bloom.

Sara Tew/CNET

AT&T's Bay Area internet customers are set for a big speed upgrade today, as the telecom company announced the regional launch of its GigaPower Network.

The company claims that tens of thousands of California customers in parts of San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Dublin, Mountain View and San Ramon will now enjoy speeds over 1 gigabit per second -- the same as customers in Cupertino, where the service initially launched in 2015.

AT&T also said that it plans to triple coverage by the end of the year and listed several cities and regions across the nation as potential zones for expansion.