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AT&T's GoPhone now has unlimited calling for $3 a day

AT&T's prepaid calling plan now has an unlimited calls option for only $3 a day.


Most prepaid phone services deal in minute allotments so that you're paying X number of dollars for X number of minutes. AT&T, however, is breaking that convention with a new prepaid calling option that offers unlimited nationwide calls for $3 a day. It'll be part of a new AT&T GoPhone plan without any roaming or long-distance fees and is yet another option for the "Pay as you go" model.

It's called GoPhone Unlimited, and customers will still have to use text messaging and data service at the same old pay-per-use rates--so this new unlimited plan is strictly for voice calls. Still, there's an unlimited mobile-to-mobile plan for a dollar a day if customers primarily call other AT&T subscribers, and you can get the unlimited messaging plan for $19.99 a month.