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AT&T wireless, internet customers can get one month of HBO Max free

Some AT&T customers get HBO Max at no extra cost. Others get a month free -- or possibly three months free. Or maybe one year free. (It's confusing.)

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Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO Max will have all of HBO's programming, like Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as a new slate of originals and licensed shows including Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

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HBO Max, the HBO-centered streaming service that AT&T's WarnerMedia set to launch May 27, will offer a month-long free trial to most AT&T wireless and internet customers who don't qualify for a more generous promo. And other AT&T customers can qualify for a three-month or even a year-long free trial. 

Earlier this year, HBO Max said that people who already subscribe to HBO via AT&T would get the upgrade to Max for no additional cost -- that meant HBO customers through DirecTV, U-verse, AT&T TV Now, AT&T TV and AT&T wireless users can add HBO with certain unlimited plans. 

On Tuesday, AT&T specified which of its customers gets HBO Max included at no extra cost, who gets a one-month trial and who gets a three-month trial. The easiest way to figure out what you qualify for may be to check your account online or in the myAT&T app.

HBO Max is set to be one of the final entrants in the streaming wars, a seven-month window when media giants and tech titans are releasing a raft of new streaming services to take on Netflix. HBO Max was betting it could grab your interest by amping up HBO's existing streaming service with a sprawling catalog of hit shows and movies and a big-budget slate of exclusive originals packed with big-name stars. 

HBO Max was set to cost $15 a month when it rolls out in the US May 27, unless you qualify for a promo. 

The following is AT&T's breakdown of who among its customers qualifies for which deal: 

Video customers: 

  • HBO Max at no added cost: Access to HBO Max will be included in DirecTV Premier and Lo Maximo; U-Verse U400, U450, and U450 Latino; and AT&T TV Now Max packages, as well as a new AT&T TV Premiere package coming soon.
  • One year free: New AT&T TV Choice, Xtra or Ultimate, and Óptimo Más package customers and new DirecTV Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, Más Ultra or Óptimo Más package customers, will be eligible to receive HBO Max included for a year. Customers can sign up for these packages ahead of the launch of HBO Max.
  • Three months free: Existing customers on many video packages will be eligible for HBO and HBO Max for 3 months at no additional charge when HBO Max launches. But this excludes video customers on AT&T's lowest-tier plans such as DirecTV Family, U-Family, U-Basic and AT&T TV Now Plus.

Internet customers: 

  • HBO Max at no added cost: HBO Max will be included with the  AT&T Internet 1000 plan at no additional charge
  • One month free: Across other internet plans, new and existing customers can sign up for an HBO Max one-month free trial.

Wireless customers:

  • HBO Max at no added cost: HBO Max will be included in the AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan.
  • One month free: Across other wireless plans, new and existing customers on AT&T Unlimited Extra, AT&T Unlimited Starter and AT&T Mobile Share plans can sign up a one-month free trial.
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