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AT&T updates Samsung Galaxy Express to Jelly Bean

The affordable Samsung smartphone is Ma Bell's latest to see an Android 4.1 update.

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AT&T today announced that the Samsung Galaxy Express has started receiving an Android 4.1 update.

The relatively newish Samsung Galaxy Express is Ma Bell's latest Android to see the Jelly Bean update. As is the case with other Android 4.1 updates, notable improvements include Google Now, enriched notifications, and smarter widgets.

AT&T has also included a number of additional details in the Android 4.1 update, including Blocking Mode for disabling incoming calls and texts. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Express will now feature Easy Mode, which provides users with a more stripped-down version of the interface.

Designed to help first-time smartphone buyers navigate Android, the UI includes larger widgets focused on common actions such as adding contacts and setting alarms.

AT&T will roll out Android 4.1 to the Samsung Galaxy Express in the coming weeks, but anxious owners can manually install the update. Once connected to Wi-Fi, navigate to Applications > Settings > About Device > Software Update > Check for Updates.