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AT&T TV adds more concurrent streams and unlimited DVR for biggest households

If you've been frustrated by an in-home limit of three live TV streams at once, then AT&T TV might have the answer for you.

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AT&T TV customers can now watch up to 20 simultaneous streams in their homes, while the live TV streaming service has also added an unlimited DVR option.

The number of out-of-home streams you can watch is still three. And AT&T says that some networks are excluded from the 20 in-home streams, including Fox networks (including Fox News/ Business, Fox locals, Fox Sports, etc.), Starz, NHL Network, Showtime and PBS. The change goes live this Thursday, Feb. 25.

In addition to the free streams bump, there's another change: Subscribers can now pay an extra $10 a month to boost their storage from 20 hours to unlimited (the upgrade amount was previously 500 hours). The recordings stay in the cloud-based DVR for 90 days.

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At $70, AT&T TV is the most expensive live TV streaming service, and its rival YouTube TV includes an unlimited DVR plus more top channels for $65. In January, the streaming-only AT&T TV Now was folded into the existing AT&T TV service and the company removed the need for set-top boxes and fixed contracts.