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AT&T to take on Nextel's walkie-talkie chirp

AT&T launches a trial program to test out its enhanced push-to-talk feature for mobile field service workers.

AT&T announced today that it is launching a trial program to test out its enhanced push-to-talk services (PTT), which aims to improve communication between work groups in the mobile field service.

AT&T will begin a trial program to test its PTT services. AT&T

Selected businesses that employ field agents and dispatchers in industries that include utilities, transportation, and manufacturing, will test out AT&T's wireless network and the carrier's mobile broadband speeds.

During this trial, AT&T will be collaborating with Kodiak Networks Inc. and Raytheon JPS to boost the capabilities of private mobile radio (PMR) systems in terms of greater coverage and faster connection speeds.

Data will be collected and measured from participants using the latest AT&T smartphones, and they will provide feedback to the carrier about their experiences.

AT&T stated that its new enhanced PTT service will include faster call setup times, large contact lists and groups, GPS tracking, a wider array of smartphone and feature phone options, and interoperability with current mobile radio systems such as PMR and Land Mobile Radio.

For more information about this program, visit AT&T.