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AT&T to start selling Amazon Kindle on March 6

AT&T will offer the Amazon Kindle 3G in its stores for $189--the same price it goes for at other retail outlets.


AT&T will sell the 6-inch, 3G version of the Amazon Kindle in company-owned stores starting Sunday, it announced today.

The carrier will be selling the e-reader for $189, the same price it's available for on and in other retail outlets. Customers who opt to buy the Kindle at AT&T stores won't find any special arrangements with the carrier, so consider this just another place where Kindle seekers can pick up the e-reader.

AT&T's decision to start selling the Kindle on its store shelves makes for a rather interesting dynamic in its stores. Soon, the Kindle will be sitting next to the iBooks-equipped iPad in AT&T stores, enabling those looking for an e-reader to try out both devices before they make their choice.

Amazon's Kindle 3G connects to the Web via Wi-Fi or over AT&T's 3G network for free. It allows users to download books, periodicals, and other content wirelessly, and is capable of storing up to 3,500 books. According to AT&T, the Amazon Kindle Store now has over 810,000 books for customers to choose from.

Amazon revealed in December that its third-generation Kindle is the bestselling product of all time on its Web site, surpassing "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)." On Christmas Day, "more people turned on new Kindles for the first time, downloaded more Kindle Buy Once, Read Everywhere apps, and purchased more Kindle books than on any other day in history," Amazon said at the time. The company did not release sales figures however.

The Kindle was also the top-selling device on Amazon between November 14 and December 19, besting the 8GB iPod Touch, according to the company.

AT&T joins Target and Best Buy in the growing number of retailers that sell the Kindle on store shelves.