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AT&T commits to ZTE S Pro 2 hotspot projector

The carrier will sell the new Android-powered hotspot that supports up to 10 devices and has a Pico projector.

The AT&T Somerset 2 hotspot is also part Android-powered projector. Josh Miller/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- This hotspot is more than a hotspot. It's also a full-throttle Pico projector and can charge devices with its XL-size battery.

We don't know when it will go on sale, or for how much, but the carrier has stood behind the ZTE's S Pro 2 , a portable projector-and-hotspot-in-one. Its 5-inch touchscreen navigates you around the combo puck, and it can supply up to 10 devices with the sweet nectar of a data connection.

Check out the ZTE S Pro 2's projection in action . While you're at it, catch all the news from CES 2015.

Article updated January 7, 2015 to correct the official product name. AT&T's original press material mistakenly referred to the ZTE S Pro 2 by its internal code name, the AT&T Somerset 2.