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AT&T, TCI merger almost a done deal

The DOJ gives a conditional seal of approval to the $48 billion merger deal, as consumers contemplate how the megamerger may affect phone and data services.

The Justice Department has given a conditional seal of approval to the $48 billion merger deal between long distance giant AT&T and cable titan Tele-Communications Incorporated. While many believe the megamerger should clear final FCC scrutiny, consumers are left to wonder how the deal may affect them.

Consumers contemplate AT&T, TCI world
news analysis Federal antitrust regulators' approval of the $48 billion merger sets the stage for a very different communications world, if not necessarily a cheaper one, for consumers.

Multibillion-dollar deal gets DOJ nod
update The Justice Department gave conditional approval to the $48 billion merger between AT&T and Tele-Communications Incorporated, clearing away the first regulatory barrier to the companies' marriage.

AT&T, TCI challenge Portland authorities
AT&T and TCI say they'll blow off a Portland, Oregon, ordinance requiring them to open TCI's cable system to Internet companies.

AT&T job cuts ahead of schedule
The telecommunications giant expects to eliminate 18,000 jobs in 1998 alone, putting CEO C. Michael Armstrong's job-cutting plan well ahead of schedule.

Baby Bells ready to ring in the new year
year in review The telecommunications industry goes through dramatic changes as deregulation and the Net explosion pushes Baby Bells to expand their traditional operations.