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AT&T-TCI clears FCC, other hurdles

The multibillion-dollar merger clears the FCC with few conditions, not long after shareholders and authorities in the Seattle area sign off.

AT&T's multibillion-dollar merger with Tele-Communications Incorporated cleared its final regulatory hurdle as the Federal Communications Commission today approved the deal as expected. Shareholders for both companies also unanimously approved the merger in separate votes, not long after authorities in the Seattle area signed off.

FCC gives green light to AT&T-TCI deal
As expected, the Federal Communications Commission approves the multibillion-dollar merger between AT&T and Tele-Communications Incorporated.

AT&T, TCI holders approve megamerger
update Shareholders for AT&T and TCI gave swift approval to the proposed merger between the two companies in separate votes.

Seattle approves AT&T-TCI merger deal
update City and county officials in the Seattle area approved the merger of AT&T and Tele-Communications Incorporated, effectively putting the brakes on the fight for cable open access--at least for now.

The deal of the century that died
news analysis Almost exactly five years ago, the merger that was supposed to define the future of the information highway went sour, as Bell Atlantic and Tele-Communications Incorporated parted ways after four months of talks.