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AT&T sweetens the iPhone pot with extra minutes

In an apparent effort to retain iPhone users, AT&T Mobility is giving the gift of 1,000 rollover minutes to loyal customers who text the word "yes."

Yes please! Amanda Caparoon

AT&T isn't just getting aggressive with ads to tout the iPhone on its network versus Verizon's, it's giving away minutes as well.

Many current AT&T iPhone users have received text messages from their carrier today thanking them for being loyal customers, and while the text doesn't say so, we're sure it's also a thanks for not switching during Verizon's underwhelming iPhone launch this week.

The text comes with instructions to reply with "yes" to receive 1,000 extra rollover minutes. AT&T tells us these will be applied to each iPhone on the account.

The texts are coming from the number 11113020, and when a user replies with the "yes," another text is received saying that the minutes will be applied in the coming weeks.

With our testing, we found that iPhone users can simply text "yes" to the SMS number and get the deal, though we can't say yet if it applies to all iPhone customers or just those with contracts expiring soon.

So, iPhone-using Crave readers, why not give it a try and tell us back here if it worked for you? Really, it couldn't hurt.