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AT&T slashes Web pricing

AT&T slashed prices on its Easy World Wide Web Services to appeal to smaller businesses.

AT&T today slashed prices on its Easy World Wide Web Services, as well as offered users more flexible pricing plans, in a move to appeal to smaller businesses.

AT&T's EW3 and other Web-hosting services from such companies as UUNet Technologies and BBN Planet are aimed at businesses that want a Web presence without the hassle of maintaining their own servers. Introduced in May, EW3 is intended to go beyond traditional hosting services, eventually offering transaction capabilities for electronic commerce.

AT&T will offer businesses the option of signing up for a one-year contract for a reduced one time registration fee of $500. For a non-term plan, AT&T will charge customers $1,000. Previously, the company charged customers a $1,500 registration fee.

The company has also lowered the monthly fee for its entry-level service from $500 to $295 per month for AT&T long distance customers and $395 for non-AT&T consumers.

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