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AT&T serves KitKat update to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Ma Bell delivers the latest version of Android to its plus-size Samsung smartphone.

Is the Galaxy Note 3 due for a baby brother?
AT&T delivers a dose of KitKat to the Galaxy Note 3. Sarah Tew/CNET

The KitKat train keeps rolling along, as AT&T today announced the 4.4 update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .

The Ma Bell branded version of the 5.7-inch smartphone is the latest in a series of Samsung devices to receive the newest version of Android. As is to be expected, the update brings about an improved user interface with transparent notification bars and color emojis.

Other features baked into the KitKat build include integrated cloud printing capabilities and quick access to the camera from the lock screen. Aside from the improved GPS performance, AT&T didn't bake in any additional tweaks.

Those with the AT&T-branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are able to check for updates immediately. To do so, navigate your smartphone to Settings > About Device > Select Software Update > Select Check for Updates. It is recommended that you have at least 50 percent battery life before proceeding with installation.

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