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AT&T Scouts PC Makers for Bundling

In a bid to become a serious competitor in the online service rat race, AT&T has announced that Phoenix Technologies will join it in an attempt to lure 300 PC suppliers to preload the AT&T Business Network on their hard drives.

The AT&T Business Network debuted October 30 and will be bundled into PCs early next year, according to AT&T officials. AT&T has been pleased with consumer response thus far. "We're not prepared to release numbers yet, but we expect the bundling will attract a healthy portion of subscribers," said Lisa Landa, spokesperson for AT&T.

The network is aimed at business professionals and includes news, discussions with business experts, and stock quotes. The service costs $39.95 per month for 10 hours and $2.95 for each additional hour. Users who sign up before December 31 will pay $24.95 per month through June 30.