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AT&T revamps global data plans

AT&T more than doubles data allowances for international roaming.

AT&T announced good news to customers who travel abroad with new international data plans that more than doubles the data allowance of the current plans. It's still not exactly cheap, but it's at least more affordable than before.

The cheapest $24.99 per month plan now provides 50MB of international data (up from 20MB), the $49.99 plan will let you have 125MB (up from 50MB), the $99.99 plan promises 275MB (up from 100MB), and the priciest of them all, $199.99 a month, will offer up a whopping 800MB (up from 200MB). The 800MB is still pretty easy to chew up, especially if you're relying heavily on Google Maps, but it's at least better than before.