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AT&T resumes online iPhone sales in NY

It's once again safe to order an iPhone through AT&T's Web site if you live in New York, after an unexplained halt was enforced in the area over the weekend.

AT&T has resumed selling iPhones through its Web site to New York City customers, with no indication as to what prompted the halt.

Over the holiday weekend, New Yorkers who tried to order an iPhone through AT&T's Web site were left out in the cold. Making matters worse, explanations ranged from network congestion problems to online fraud to this fine example of corporate-speak: "We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels."

But at some point on Monday, sales could once again be processed for New York City ZIP codes through AT&T's site. An AT&T representative did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on what knocked out online iPhone sales for Gothamites.