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AT&T promotes key executives as it integrates mobile, business units

Ralph de la Vega will now oversee the integration of the mobile and enterprise units, while Glenn Lurie will head the consumer mobile business.

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega, pictured at Mobile World Congress 2013, will have new responsibilities at the company. Roger Cheng/CNET

AT&T is doing a little executive reshuffling of its own.

In the wake of Sprint naming a new CEO earlier this month, AT&T is making some changes at the top of its mobility unit, although they are far less dramatic. AT&T's head of mobile, Ralph de la Vega, was promoted to CEO of the company's new mobile and business unit, which is tasked with integrated the two disparate businesses. Glenn Lurie, who was the head of emerging businesses and devices, was promoted to CEO of the consumer mobility business. The changes are effective immediately.

Fierce Wireless earlier reported on the executive changes.

The changes underscore the fact the mobility is the centerpiece of a company that once depending on landline telephones and DSL for most of its revenue. It represents a consolidation of power for de la Vega, who already held a visible role at the company. De la Vega absorbs the business unit previously run by Andy Geisse, who is retiring.

De la Vega will be tasked with bringing the two units together. AT&T's business unit is already heavily focused on mobile, with business-related customers representing more than 50 percent of its mobile revenue.

While both executives are getting a promotion, the hierarchy within the company hasn't changed. Lurie, considered a rising star because he led one of the faster growing businesses at AT&T, will continue to report to de la Vega, who reports to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.