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AT&T debuts 7GB shared plan with rollover data

A limited-time, $75 option will soon be available to current and prospective subscribers.

AT&T's latest deal offers 7GB of shared data for for $75 per month. AT&T

AT&T announced a limited-time rate plan on Friday that gives subscribers 7GB of shareable monthly data.

Available starting February 15, the $75 plan also includes Rollover Data. The new Mobile Share Value plan, which includes unlimited talk and text, is available to new and existing customers.

Those who opt for the new 7GB Mobile Share Value plan will pay $15 per month per smartphone for access if they choose AT&T Next. A family of three, for instance, would expect a total bill of $120 per month ($75 plan charge plus $45 device access fees).

Note that these price don't factor in the cost of the actual devices themselves. Along those lines, AT&T is offering a $100 bill credit to new customers who purchase a new smartphone on AT&T Next. Alternatively, you can bring your own device or hop on to a monthly contract.

It is not clear how long the promotional rate plan will be offered; CNET has contacted AT&T for clarification and will update the post with new information.